Assistive Prod Household Task NDIS

Household tasks do not have a set method to be performed. At Accessibility Care, we understand that many participants have difficulty performing household tasks in the regular way. Our aim is to make them as self-dependent as possible with minimal assistance. One way to achieve this is by helping them access assistive products that can help them with their household tasks.

These assistive products are specially-designed equipment that will facilitate with any household chores as well as personal care. Some of these products can assist with:

  • Cooking
  • Washing
  • Alarms and doorbells
  • Cleaning
  • Memory aids

We will review your NDIS plan and see if your plan covers assistive technology. We have trusted suppliers who can offer you the right technology to help you with your daily life. Gain confidence in life by making yourself more independent with assistive technology.

Contact the team at Accessibility Care today for more information about the assistive products available and how you can access it.


Great, welcoming and friendly staff, support workers were very helpful, supportive and simplified my plans and made it easy for me to reach my goals step by step. Thank you Accessibility Care management team and dedicated support workers for helping and also reconnecting me back to community with confidence, hope and highly motivated about my future goals .Highly recommend Accessibility Care. Elizabeth Blight.
Isabel Blight