NDIS Transport Services

NDIS Transport Services Provider in Sunshine & West Melbourne

Transport service is of great importance for those with disabilities as their mobility is limited to their wheelchairs, ramps, or a chauffeur-driven car to step outside the home. Equipped with ramps, wheelchair parking provision, etc., transport services for NDIS participants can make a huge difference in their mobility. As one of the leading NDIS service providers in Melbourne and Sunshine, Accessibility Care can assist you with all your transportation needs across Sunshine, Deer Park, Caroline Springs, West Melbourne & North Melbourne if it is included in your NDIS plan.

NDIS Transport Services Provider in Sunshine & West Melbourne

Accessibility Care supports participants in capacity building for independent travel with our NDIS transportation services and travel assistance. Under this service, we offer personal transport training for using public transport, associated aids, and equipment. Our NDIS transportation services also include taxis and special transportation arrangements.

Through our NDIS travel and transport services, we ensure that participants can travel independently with minimal assistance by accompanying them on their travel, driving them to places, or modifying their vehicle to accommodate their needs.

Independent Travel: We are NDIS taxi providers, wehave options to help you gain access to taxis, carpooling, public transport, and other suitable forms of transportation.

Travel Assistance: Accessibility Care can assign a companion to drive you or even accompany you on your travels. Whether it’s shopping, social events, or going to your doctor’s appointments, our team members will ensure that you travel with care and comfort.

Trips are billed on an hourly basis, including the attendant’s total travel time and travel expenses to and from their place of residence.

Increase self-sufficiency for transportation and travel: At Accessibility Care, our primary goal is to help our participants become self-sufficient through our NDIS travel services. Many participants have taken classes to manage their transportation and travel. We help our participants determine their eligibility via capacity-building exercises for public transport training or driving lessons. The freedom and confidence that the participants experience at the end of these sessions are remarkable. It enables them to become more independent.

Vehicle Conversion: After completing the required lesson, the next step for our participants is to own a vehicle. In this phase, we help our participants to adapt their vehicles to their disabilities. This means that the vehicle will need various modifications to suit the specific disability requirement. We take care of handling such customized alterations on your behalf.

What is National Disability Insurance Scheme transport funding?

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) transport funding is a payment from the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) to support participants who need help getting to NDIS support services.

Who is eligible for benefits under this scheme?

NDIS transport services are aimed at individuals with disabilities which allows them great freedom of travelling safely to various events and locations. These services are exclusively reserved for those people who are eligible by meeting the required criteria such as individuals who:

  • are registered NDIS participants
  • need the facility of transport support due to their disability
  • receive an NDIS package with one or more NDIS funded supports

What is the NDIS transport process with Accessibility Care?

With our transportation services, a support employee assigned to you will drive you to the desired location and will also drive you back home afterward.

Our NDIS travel and transportation services can be booked on an ongoing basis. This helps participants to go for their weekly shopping trips or regular doctor visits. We provide safe and comfortable transportation. Our services can cover your transportation requirement for activities such as:

  • The School (or other educational institution)
  • Work
  • Medical appointments
  • Trips to local shopping centres
  • around your vicinity

Accessibility Care is a Registered NDIS transport provider in Melbourne

We are one of the top NDIS transport service providers in Sunshine, Deer Park, Caroline Springs, West Melbourne & North Melbourne. Our trained support workers ensure that participants are safe throughout the trip. Every driver you are assigned is obligated to have:

  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Updated and valid Police check
  • Qualifications to work in the NDIS industry

If any of these documents are not presented, those applicants are not allowed to be part of the disability transport services as per Accessibility Care’s policies in particular under NDIS.  With Accessibility Care assist travel & Transport Services, you can travel with your mind at ease across Caroline Springs, Sunshine, Deer Park, North Melbourne & West Melbourne.

If you would like to know more about our NDIS transportation services in Melbourne and Sunshine, email us at info@accessibilitycare.com.au.