NDIS Group Activity

NDIS Group Activity North & West Melbourne

One cannot emphasize enough the importance of group activity for children and adults with special needs. Group activity enables them to better cope with their environment and strengthens their social skills. At Accessibility Care, we have plenty of activities designed around training NDIS participants for well-rounded development.

Adventure, fun, leisure coupled with good health ensures the well-being of participants of all ages, regardless of their disability. Accessibility Care works with community groups that hold regular activity workshops, courses, and camps. If you would like to participate in group/centre activities, please let us know your hobbies, goals, and interests. Our dedicated team of support workers will try their best to include activities that cater to your interest. Our group/centre activities are aligned with the needs and goals of our participants to ensure that everyone can participate.

Group-based activities and programs include

At Accessibility Care, our activities and groups aim to promote socialization while offering both employee-led and self-directed capacity-building activities. Participants are free to independently engage in activities in the room, participate in moderated workshops, or combine both. All activities are participant-oriented.

Program activities include:

  • Life skills development (e.g.: shopping, cooking, personal hygiene, gardening, housework, etc)
  • Health and wellness improvement activities ( e.g.: health awareness, education, and wellness, group fitness activities, walking, swimming, yoga)
  • Literacy and numeracy activities are custom created programs for learning, financial management, budgeting, reading, and writing
  • Community access activities (e.g.: participating in library activities, musical works, community events, shopping, museum, art gallery, volunteer groups)
Group-based activities and programs

Clients participate in activities at the centre and in the community. They are also encouraged to contribute to weekly activity planning. The programs provide hands-on learning opportunities for life skills development while helping clients explore their interests.

What are the proposed benefits of the NDIS?

Group Activities are aimed at developing cognitive, social, and physical skills in the participants so that they can:

  • Develop friendships and create peer networks
  • Increase knowledge of their community and enjoy the opportunities that are available
  • foster new interests and skills
  • Enjoy a sense of belonging and increase their self-esteem
  • Participation in employment and education
  • Live independently

Why choose us for NDIS group activities in Melbourne

Accessibility Care, a registered NDIS Service Provider designs activities around the needs and requirements of NDIS participants in North and West Melbourne. We