Therapeutic Supports

NDIS Therapeutic Support Assistance in North & West Melbourne

Counselling and psychological support must be constantly provided for a person living with a disability as it is a huge factor contributing to his/her overall well-being. If you are in Sunshine, Deer Park, Caroline Springs, West Melbourne & North Melbourne, then Accessibility Care has leading therapists and psychologists. Many of our psychologists have a wealth of experience in NDIS Therapy support.

Accessibility Care’s NDIS psychologists can help you to:

  • Identify and work towards new goals
  • Find relief from negative emotions
  • Feel more independent
  • Reduce the effects of anxiety and depression in your life
  • Find new tools and techniques to overcome challenges
  • Cope with mental health problems by planning and providing support and treatment
  • Improve your social skills to develop and improve your relationships

About the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)?

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a way of providing support for Australians with a disability, their families, and carers. This fund replaces the old system that consisted of offering block funding with individualized funding.

What does individualised funding mean?

In the past, support organizations received funding and people had to go where the funding was allotted. Regardless of the type and validity of the service, there was no choice provided for participants. With the new NDIS model, people now receive individualized support. This allows them to choose the organization they wish to seek support from.

What is NDIS therapeutic support?

NDIS Therapeutic Support

Access to counselling and psychology through NDIS ensures that participants get the support that efficiently meets their needs. As participants receive individual support via NDIS corresponding specific needs, financial aspects are covered by the program to enable them to fully focus on their goals.

How Our NDIS therapeutic support can help you?

Here are three aspects our dedicated team of NDIS therapy specialists focuses on:

  1. Respect: Our specialists ensure that each individual receives support with respect
  2. Collaboration:  We create strong alliances through open communication, mutual respect, and trust
  3. Innovation: We are committed to continuous improvement and moving forward with the individual through creative solutions.

NDIS Therapy Supports near Sunshine, Deer Park, Caroline Springs, West Melbourne & North Melbourne

If you are looking for NDIS therapy services that take the needs of NDIS participants into account, then Accessibility Support is here to help. Our NDIS occupat